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• Source more qualified candidates to interview
• Assist with end-to-end recruiting
• Build a diverse and inclusive culture at scale
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Whether you’re looking for help with end-to-end recruiting or trying to source more qualified candidates to interview, Betts is the go-to-market partner you need to scale your business. Contact us today to see how we build companies.

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Hire faster by accessing a network of 15,000 active, vetted candidates on the Betts Connect platform.

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Here are a few ways Betts can help:

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Filter candidates in the Betts Connect network by typical sales cycle, deal size, industries sold to, and more.

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Betts Connect helps remove bias when searching our vetted network of diverse candidates.

Build a diverse culture

Here's what Grammarly said about us

“Betts Connect really helped solve multiple challenges we were facing. We got results much more quickly than we had before. I think any recruiter would find success using this platform 
to hire sales reps at a company like ours.”

— Mia Carrasco, Business Recruiter at Grammarly 

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